About us

SCapCon World

SCapCon is a community for Educators and a subsidiary of EvorestteĀ® Consulting & Training. We are specialized in establishing and restructuring school systems as well as providing training and coaching, aiming to raise the capabilities and competencies of the education community through the integration of business concepts and the education management processes.


Academic Training

SCapCon provides Academic Training and Coaching to the school community, in addition to school wide academic consulting.


Management Training

SCapCon offers School Management a comprehensive management training program that fits school needs.


Operations Optimization

SCapCon offers School edge process optimization services, including technology embedding and resources utilization.


Coaching & Consulting

SCapCon offers your team continuous support through consulting, coaching and online coaching facilities, resources and experts.


Training programs

Quick Facts

Strategies That Work

SCapCon is a leading project in establishing an innovation-friendly organization through restructuring, training and coaching your team.

Effective Communication

SCapCon possesses a high and effective communication approach and a friendly inviting atmosphere.

Extreme Commitment

In SCapCon we provide our clients with maximum support to ensure smooth operations and high achievements.

Sincere Dedication

We consider SCapCon an effective partner in any project we decide to accept. We put all our efforts to efficiently validate the project's deliverables.

We Believe

We believe in sharing knowledge, we believe in a better chance for every one, we believe that you deserve to learn, We believe in YOU.


What professionals say

We waited so long for such a wonderful initiative, thank you for supporting us.
Social Studies Teacher
Rachel dan
They create courses that serve our needs, We are looking for more.
Math Teacher
We acquired a very good knowledge building our Mathematics Curriculum, while mentored and directed by Dr. Ashraf Abdel Hameed.
Head of Math Department