Who We Are

SCapCon is an education services agency (ESA®) subsidiary of Evorestte® Consulting & Training. We are specialized in establishing and restructuring school systems, aiming to raise the capabilities and competencies of the education community through the integration of business concepts and the education management processes.

In SCapCon we consider every client a success partner in building a brighter future, accordingly we are committed to excellence, continuous support and distinct incomparable trainings, which has rewarded SCapCon professionals with the trust and satisfaction of their clients and success partners.

In SCapCon we believe in the great importance of measurable learning outcomes and academic standards, this belief has crafted how we provide innovative services in compliance with international academic standards.

Our Vision

To become a member of the elite society of the Education Service Providers and a reference for education support and development.

Our Beliefs

We Believe in sharing knowledge.
We Believe every one has the right to learn.
We Believe in YOU.

Our Mission

To create a highly competitive educational environment & to ensure that students are getting exposed to a learning experience that fits their needs.

Why Us

We dive deep into our client's institution to study, then design and optimize every process that may affect the performance of the team and the institution.
We believe in raising the capacity of the team to perform as per the standards, think creatively and solve problems as well as raise their ability to introduce new innovative ideas and solutions throughout the institution that will affect the learner's progress.
Our specialization and practical experience in the vertical markets which include Schools & Digital Learning, have increased our knowledge and understanding of our client’s motives and requirements, beyond the academic needs.