Mohamed Nabil

Mohamed Nabil

E-learning Consultant

E-learning Consultant, Learning Technology Specialist and MOODLE Expert.

Technology doesn’t change the world. People do.

I extremely believe in technology and the incredible things it can do. But i know that behind every smart piece of software, every powerful processor, and every brilliant line of code is an even more brilliant person.

Dedicated and self-motivated educational technology/instructional design professional offering a solid 5 year background in the multimedia development of educational/training, distance education, instructional technology, and E-learning, plus 15 years’ experience in educational institutions.

Specific multimedia experience includes management and HTML elements, MySQL & SQL Server databases, video/digital asset production, and multimedia management (text, graphics, video, audio).

Experienced in developing Learning Courses and solutions for a wide range of Corporate, Schools, Universities, and public sector clients and having the enthusiasm and ambition to complete projects to the highest standard.

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